Coolsculpting Can Eliminate Unwanted Fat

Posted on April 8, 2017 By

Unwanted fatty areas on the body can be frustrating when they’re still there after diet and exercise. Liposuction has been used for years to remove unwanted fat. This type of procedure has worked well except it takes days or weeks to recover from the procedure. A new breakthrough that’s been approved by the FDA is coolsculpting. This type of treatment uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without the need for anesthesia or requiring recovery. Unwanted fat can create bulges in the arms, thighs, under the chin, belly, and at the love handles location on the body.

Changes in this type of treatment can be seen within three weeks and normally within two months, a drastic change will occur. Following the treatment, the body will continue to flush fat cells from the body for four to six months. These fat cells will be gone for good and additional sessions may be needed to achieve further results. No needles, surgery or downtime is ever required for this treatment like liposuction or other fat eliminating procedures. Fat cells will be frozen and are naturally processed and removed from the body.

Whenever the procedure begins, an individual may feel deep pulling, tugging pinching discomfort or numbness. A few side effects could include temporary bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, pain, swelling and redness. Any side effects are minimal, but must be mentioned in case they do occur. A board-certified plastic surgeon should be consulted on what type of body contouring method would work best. When a determination of the shape of the bulge to be treated is complete, an applicator is placed over the area. There will be a gel pad placed under the applicator to protect the skin. The bulge will be vacuumed into the applicator, the temperature will drop, and the area will become numb. Patients normally watch TV, read, or use their smart phone during the process.

When you’re ready to enjoy a beautiful body less the fatty areas that have always affected your appearance, this process will is for you. Fat cells that are eliminated from the body will never return.

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