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Reasons Why People Own Dogs

There are very many benefits of owning a dog. Dogs interact with people and that’s the reason people rare them. There are many pets to people, but a good dog is the best. It’s easy to rare and maintain a healthy dog compared to other pets. When a dog is well fed it doesn’t mind about other conditions in the homestead. Dogs are very much loyal to the owners, and they depict humility from which human beings can learn. Dogs are of the various types. Dogs are different, and their colors are also very different. Some dogs are more expensive than others depending on breed and their history. Some breeds are known to be more reliable as the can learn fast and can survive different environments.

The main purpose why everyone would want to own a dog security. Dogs are very much efficient in security matters. Dogs the attack on anything they feel is a threat to them and therefore can cause injuries. A dog marks its territory which is the particular homestead it lives. Dogs have a strong sense of smell that combines with its memory to make them very much reliable to humans. Using the smelling sense dogs quickly understand when they have company in their territory. They alert the owner by barking loudly. Anything that gets into the premises is noticed by the dog first.

countries have since engaged dogs in assisting them cub criminology and detect illegal substances coming to the countries. They are used in the recovery of illegal medicines and some harmful weapon. Police use dogs to detect possible hideouts of criminals. It’s very easy to train dogs on what to do when they catch terrorists and the lawbreakers. Some people have been trained how to deal with the dogs and specially trained ones since they are extra fierce. This is an advantage to humans since they use them for defense anytime they are in danger. Police use dogs to apprehend criminals when they try to escape.

Humans don’t get bored when a dog is around. When one is in distress dogs can help minimize the feeling. Dogs like playing and they engage even their owners. The friendly nature of dogs allow humans to pet them and relieve stress. Parents keep dogs in their house for kids to play with when they are not in the house. Parents can easily teach their kids about courage and humility using the example of a dog.

Dog owners are said to be more social. Through them people appreciate the importance of having company in their lives. Humans use dogs while doing exercises especially racing. Dogs have very many advantages to men, and that’s why humans love rearing them.

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