Tips To Find Cake For Wedding Beach

Posted on February 21, 2017 By

More people today are opting for a different type of wedding than a traditional one taking place in a church. One type of wedding that people are choosing is beach weddings. This wedding theme has also brought a transformation for wedding cakes. Yes, there may still be a bride and groom on top of the cake but the decorations will be different. Using a beach theme motif for the wedding cake is the perfect complement to a beach wedding.


Wedding cakes for beach weddings are no longer staying with the traditional white cake and icing but are being replaced by colors associated with the beach. This could be blue and green to reflect the colors of the sea, brown for the san, or even bright yellow, fuchsia, and orange. Some have even chosen a nautical theme and used navy blue, red, and white


Since it is a beach wedding, it may be hard or even impossible to find bride and groom toppers that fit the theme. This is why brides are choosing dolphins, sandcastles, palm trees, underwater creatures like seahorses and starfish, or hula dancer figurines as cake toppers.

The Flavors

A beach wedding cake not only has to look good on the outside but also taste great to the guests. You could still have the traditional white cake or chocolate cake but you could opt for a fruit flavor like pineapple, coconut, lemon, or orange. Do not to outrageous with the flavors because the guests may not eat the cake.


• Tropical flowers-these can transform a boring wedding cake into a fun wedding cake. You can use fresh flowers or have edible flowers made from icing. You can have your wedding cake decorated as a bouquet of flowers or have flowers trailing down the cake. You can make flowers out of butter cream or fondants.
• Seashells-you can make seashells from icing, molded chocolate, or marzipans. Team up your seashells with other underwater sea life like corals, fishes, and more.
• Sandcastles-a unique idea is to have your wedding cake shaped like a sandcastle.

Just remember when choosing a cake for your beach wedding keep in mind a few things. If you are hosting your reception at the beach, remember that the sun is going to be hot. Even if you have everything under some type of shelter the icing on the cake and any additional decorations made of chocolate, and icing can start to melt. This can make it very messy and not something that many would want to eat or take pictures of. It would be best if you could have your beach wedding and then have the reception inside.